Pieris Project

The Pieris Project is a citizen science initiative designed to study how organisms respond to changes in their environment, using the cabbage white butterfly (Pieris rapae). Originally believed to have come from Europe, this butterfly has invaded many parts of the world and is now one of the most successful and abundant butterflies on the planet! This is a major project to collect specimens for DNA and morphological analysis from around the world.

Our goal is to partner with the public to create the most comprehensive collection of a single species of butterfly that will act as a powerful tool for studying how organisms adapt to changes in their environment.

Our mission is to create a global community of citizen scientists that help to do meaningful research that contributes to our knowledge about how human activities impact the planet's biosphere.


Coordinator: Ryan, Sean
Program Started: 2015
Species Focus: Single Species


Protocol Type: Capture
Data Type(s): Presence only
Survey Focus: Adults
Incidental Data Collected: Other (see Protocol Notes)