Blue Ridge Butterfly Monitoring Program

Commencing in May 2024, the Blue Ridge Butterfly Monitoring Program (BRBMP) aims to track butterfly populations using scientifically sound, standardized survey methods as well as opportunistic sightings through the Blue Ridge Mountain region of Virginia, and specifically along the Blue Ridge Parkway. This Community Science based program partners with non-profit and government organizations, offers public outreach, encourages interaction between the general public and professional biologists, and provides data to researchers evaluating the health of habitats and insect populations in and adjacent to the Blue Ridge Parkway and other National Park Service sites in the area. This project, co-directed by Paul Super and Jeffrey Pippen, is a close partner of the Carolinas Butterfly Monitoring Program, which covers the North Carolina portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Coordinator: Super, Paul
Program Started:
Institutional Affiliation: Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Institution Type: Agency
Species Focus: All butterfly species
Contact: Paul Super (


Protocol Type: Open search, Field trip, Opportunistic, Restricted search, Pollard, Transect
Data Type(s): Abundance
Survey Focus: Adults
Incidental Data Collected: Weather
Visit Frequency: Weekly
Taxonomic Standard: Modified Pelham 2013