The slogan of eButterfly is "bringing butterfly enthusiasts and scientists together." eButterfly is an online sightings program where contributors can record butterflies they have observed, build a virtual collection, keep track of lists, find butterflies, explore dynamic maps and share sightings with the larger community. Contributors are also encouraged to upload their historical records.

Monitoring Activity Tracker


Program Started: 2009
Institution Type: Academic Institution
Data Availability: Data are freely available to download from the web.
Species Focus: All butterfly species


Protocol Type: Open search, Count, Field trip, Opportunistic, Sighting, Restricted search, Transect
Data Type(s): Presence only, Abundance
Survey Focus: Adults
Effort Tracking: For survey-type activities, time spent in the field is reported.
Protocol Notes: There are no protocols for this program. Users are able to upload observations they have made. However, they are able to define different types of surveys, including opportunistic, trip, and transect.
Additional Notes: Users must be registered.
Taxonomic Standard: Modified Pelham 2013