Iowa Butterfly Survey Network

The Iowa Butterfly Survey Network (IBSN), based at Reiman Gardens, aims to promote butterfly conservation and education in Iowa. As part of this mission, IBSN recruits and trains citizen scientists of all skill levels to participate in annual surveys of butterfly populations across the state.

IBSN's citizen science program provides volunteers with training on survey techniques specifically designed for butterfly monitoring, allowing them to collect valuable data on the presence and abundance of butterfly species in Iowa. By engaging volunteers in this effort, IBSN aims to raise awareness of the importance of butterfly conservation and inspire people to take an active role in protecting these important pollinators.

Through this collaborative effort between scientists and citizens, IBSN hopes to better understand the current status of butterfly populations in Iowa, identify key threats to their survival, and develop effective conservation strategies to ensure their continued existence.


Coordinator: Brockman, Nathan
Program Started: 2007
Institution Type: Academic Institution
Data Availability: Contact Nathan Brockman for Data Requests
Species Focus: All butterfly species


Protocol Type: Restricted search, Pollard
Data Type(s): Abundance
Survey Focus: Adults
Incidental Data Collected: Weather
Visit Frequency: Biweekly