Insect Monitoring

Here are some links to North American insect monitoring projects.

If you know of North American insect monitoring projects (not including butterflies) that are not listed here, please contact


General Insects

D-The Goldenrod Challenge

D-Insect Diversity Project


Invasive Insects

C-Annual Asian Longhorned Beetle Swimming Pool Survey

C-Brown Marmorated Stinkbug Locations

C-Viburnum Beetle Records

C-Wasp Watchers (to monitor Emerald Ash Borer)

A- Spotted-wing Drosophila Early Detection Monitoring



A-Butterflies and Moths of North America

A-National Moth Week


L-School of Ants

D-Ant Hunt!

C-Bay Area Ant Survey



D-Bee Hunt!

A-The Great Sunflower Project

C-ZomBee Watch

A-Bee Spotter

A-Bumble Bee Watch

C-UF Native Buzz

Not CS - Black Hills Bee Project

D-Texas Bee Watchers



A-Migratory Dragonfly Partnership (includes Pond Watch)

Riveredge Dragonfly Count (

C-Dragonfly Swarm Project

A-Howard Co. MD Annual Dragonfly Count

C-Ohio Odonate Photo Monitoring

C-Illinois Odonate Survey

C-Minnesota Odonate Survey

C-Wisconsin Odonate Survey


Other Insect Groups

C-Where's the Elderberry Longhorned Beetle?

L-National Cockroach Project

Pilot stage - Wading for Watersticks

L-NYC Cricket Crawl

L-Camel Cricket Census

A-Lost Ladybug Project

A-Firefly Watch




Other arthropods

C-Colorado Spider Survey


Water-quality monitoring (invertebrates)?

There are many of these, although we'd have to see which ones collect data on inverts - could be huge!